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damn business

2008-03-03 11:47:02 by gogorawrgo

im having to stop my work for a while i have some business to take care of lol so sorry to anyone who wants me do be doing some work

blahh blahh blah lol i did sum work watch it and be nice lol


2008-02-14 04:33:22 by gogorawrgo

i finished a bit of work so i have put it up if you wish to watch its called random-ish (incase you didnt no lol)

me myself and anything else

2008-01-22 02:05:17 by gogorawrgo

im new to this site but i will av work up within the next 2 months lol

if there is any advice about anythin anyone can offer plz let me no.

thank you for your time